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At Heritage Veterinary Hospital in Creve Coeur, MO, we treat all kinds of animals. We still take care of each animal as an individual, giving each one the attention it deserves. This veterinary business started in 1974, and we moved to our current larger location in 2010. We are south of Marilyn Heights in northwest St. Louis. While we have gotten larger, we never lost sight of the importance of individual attention for your pet. 

Veterinarian services

We have a computerized appointment book and will see your animal when it is convenient for you. We make appointments for all routine visits like when your pet is sick, but not in an emergency situation. However, if you are having an emergency, please bring your pet in as soon as you can. We also have urgent care for when a pet is sick, and emergency care is for when the pet's life is in imminent danger.

Health services

We have our own laboratory, and the latest equipment, so most tests can be done here. We get the results fast, so we can make the best decisions possible for your pet's care.  We suggest yearly health checkups with vaccinations. 


We do a wide range of surgeries as well. This can include spaying and neutering, which are relatively routine and will not take a long time. There are many reasons for pet surgery. Today more and more can be done in this way to help your pet have a better life, or to save the life of your pet. We have a separate entrance and exit for pets that are having surgery.

We offer a full line of health services. We can help advise you on diet as well as behavioral issues you may be having with your pet. We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, which means we have had a lot of inspections and have had to meet a lot of standards of excellence.

We have a lot of exam rooms, and a large waiting area. There is plenty of room for everything we do. We also have room for a private area when you need to talk about end of life care for your pet.  It is something we take seriously and do it with integrity and compassion when the time comes.

Come see us

Give Heritage Animal Hospital a call today at (314) 878-8454, to get the best in health care for your pet in the Creve Coeur, MO area today. Whether it is a routine visit or an emergency, we have compassionate care for your pet as an individual. We want to show you the level of care we can give your pet.


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