Veterinary Nutritional Counseling


Pet nutrition is very important to the team at Heritage Veterinary Hospital! We have a number of team members trained in Purina veterinary diets, making them certified counselors under the veterinary nutritional counseling program. An excellent resource for nutritional questions is Dr. Long, one of our veterinarians, who can answer your questions. We take great pride in the availability of our team for all of our clients’ nutritional counseling needs.

Our nutritional counselors can work with patients who have renal failure, bladder stones, and other conditions that require a dietary change, to make sure that each pet receives adequate nutrition. Dietary changes done without the help of a veterinary nutritionist can result in your pet not getting all of the nourishment they need for their overall physical health, so our team works closely with individual patients to ensure that they are consuming diets that meet all of their needs. Veterinary nutritional counseling can also be valuable for patients who suffer from obesity, organ function problems such as kidney disease, and food allergies.


Prescription Veterinary Diets and Our Store

For the convenience of our clients, our nutritional pet counseling program extends to a small, in-house store as well. We stock some of the Purina veterinary diets, Hills veterinary diets, and Royal Canin diets, and we can also recommend a variety of additional pet food options. We can even special order items, if needed. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about the added services we offer in our nutritional department. Contact us if you have questions about our veterinary nutritional counseling.


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