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Like your family members, your pet needs to have a healthy mouth. And just like humans, poor oral health can cause damage to other parts of the body. Once per year, a vet should give your dog or cat’s teeth a thorough examination and cleaning. A vet clinic in Creve Coeur, like Heritage Veterinary Hospital, has the experience to take care of your dog or cat's smile for years to come.


What Is Veterinary Dentistry?

Veterinary dentistry is a practice that involves improving the health of an animal and checking for problems that are taking place in the mouth, teeth, and gums. Similar to humans, without proper care, pets can suffer from loose or broken teeth, red or inflamed gums, and infections. Veterinarians recommend a dental exam to prevent these issues from surfacing and causing havoc to your pet. 

Signs A Pet Needs A Dental Check

There are definite causes of concern that should prompt a visit. You should call a vet if your pet:

  • Refuses to eat or appears to have lost his appetite for no other apparent reason
  • Drools excessively
  • Has awful breath
  • Has any visible injuries, like a broken tooth or open wound in his mouth
  • Appears to have a swollen mouth
  • Acts defensively when you touch his face or head

This list isn't exhaustive, so if your pet is doing anything out of the ordinary and it seems to pertain to his mouth, call a vet to schedule an appointment.

What To Expect from a Dental Exam

A dental exam starts with a complete examination of a pet’s mouth. A veterinarian will evaluate the mouth, teeth, and gums. A vet will also take radiographs to get a better picture of the tooth roots that are below the gum line and the jaw health. Afterward, the cleaning process begins, which is performed under anesthesia. The veterinarian will remove any plaque or tartar, polish the teeth, give a good rinsing of the teeth. Once the cleaning is done, the vet will give you instructions on how to keep your pet’s teeth healthy between appointments.

Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy with Regular Dental Exams

If you want to find out more what veterinary dentistry can do for your furry friend, the vets at Heritage Veterinary Hospital in Creve Coeur are here to help! Schedule a dental exam appointment today and help keep your pet's teeth the healthiest they can be. The number to call is 314-878-8454.


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