The Right Diagnosis with An Ultrasound


When your pet isn't feeling well, it is essential to understand the problem as soon as possible. Sometimes, diagnosing the situation doesn't take more than some basic visual inspections. However, other situations require examining the inside of your pet. X-rays help to find issues but not for everything. That is why it is necessary to use an ultrasound on your pet. Not all vet hospitals have this level of technology in-house, but at Heritage Veterinary Hospital in Creve Coeur, we are fully equipped to help your pet any way we can. With our ultrasound equipment on hand, we can provide you with the kinds of exam services other animal hospitals cannot. 

Proper Diagnosis


To provide you with a proper pet diagnosis, you will want the most advanced equipment at your disposal. Many vets rely on their hands during a physical examination. While this can prove beneficial, some issues can't be identified through a hands-on exam alone. Some blood work might be needed, but even that can take some time. With an ultrasound, we can effectively get to the bottom of what is going on with your pet fast. If your pet can sit still, then anesthesia is not needed. However, if they do not cooperate, we may need to give them a safe anesthesia amount.

A Faster Diagnosis

There may come a situation where there is a limited window of optimal time to help your pet's condition. When this is the case, you need answers right away. With our equipment, we can take a look inside your pet to see what the problem is as soon as possible. X-rays only go so far and are not optimal for specific conditions. So, if your pet is suffering or you are not entirely sure why they are behaving strangely, then see our team for help. This is helpful when your pet is experiencing stomach pains. We may need to shave a small patch on your pet for the ultrasound probe to contact the skin.  

Contact Us for Pet Health Care in Creve Coeur

Whether you need your pet examined right away, or you can schedule it in advance, our team here at Heritage Veterinary Hospital in Creve Coeur is here for you. With our ultrasound equipment, we can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis to ensure we know what's going on with your pet. From there, we can determine what the best course of action is. Give us a call to see how our veterinarian can help.  


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