Routine Dog and Cat Exams


Regular health maintenance is important for your pet’s overall health. That’s why we recommend routine exams at our hospital. It’s important to remember that our pets age much quicker than we do. What is a year in our lives is equivalent to nearly seven years in theirs! Can you imagine never getting medical care for that many years, especially if you are considered middle age or a senior citizen?


Heritage Veterinary Hospital’s recommendation is that pets under the age of seven have annual routine exams. We also recognize the necessity of annual heartworm test screenings and annual vaccinations. Pets over the age of 7 are considered seniors, necessitating exams twice yearly.

Cat Exams

Annual and bi-annual examinations are considered to be an important aspect of preventive health care, because routine cat exams help our veterinarians to discover health problems before they’ve had a chance to develop into something too serious. This can be especially important for cat owners because felines have a natural tendency to hide any weakness, which means pain, discomfort, and the symptoms of illness. By not showing the symptoms of their illnesses, the cat’s health problem can develop too far before treatment is sought. It is extremely important for cat owners to follow all physical exam protocols and schedule their annual and biannual cat exam.


Dog Exams

Canines may not be as good as felines when it comes to hiding their health problems, but it is also possible for them to keep their weaknesses from being too obvious to even the most vigilant of pet owners. As with cats, this increases the importance of a routine dog exam. Hospital protocol is the same for dogs, recommending annual visits for pets under 7 and bi-annual visits for pets over the age of 7.

Questions About Routine Pet Exams

Do you have questions about the importance of providing regular health check-ups for your pet? We’ll be glad to give you more information! Please contact us with your questions or concerns, or to schedule your pet’s next visit.


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