Preventive Health Care



Preventive health care is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your pet’s health. The doctors and staff at Heritage Veterinary Hospital are extremely concerned with providing every one of our patients with the means to prevent future health problems. We provide supplements for pets, both in house and through our online pharmacy, giving assistance with joint health, urinary tract health, and more. Our nutritional counselors can offer recommendations about your pet’s dietary needs, and can help you determine exercise protocols for your pet, just like you would for yourself!

Other preventive health care that we offer includes heartworm, flea and tick preventatives, annual fecal exams, and pain management for in-hospital and post-surgical patients, as well as arthritic patients.

Preventive Health Care for Seniors

Preventive health care for senior pets is extremely important as well! We provide blood work for early detection of geriatric health problems, perform digital radiographs to check for internal concerns, and recommend twice-yearly visits to help make our preventive measures as valuable as possible for your pet. We offer pain management options for seniors who suffer from joint discomfort and arthritis as well.


Dentistry for Pets

Pet dentistry plays a huge role in veterinary preventive health care as well. Pets need to be provided with at-home dental care on a regular basis in order to maintain their standard of health, and regular professional dental cleanings will also be necessary. We have a variety of home dental care options we can recommend, so please ask us for details.

Annual Fecal Exams

The doctors at Heritage Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to using annual pet fecal exams for diagnosis, because we know that both indoor and outdoor pets can be susceptible to parasites. Fecal exams can check for parasites that could be harmful to your pet, as well as zoonotic risks, which could potentially put your family in danger! We recommend regular fecal testing, just to keep your family safe.

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We provide our clients with preventive animal health care options, to give your pet their best life possible. If you have questions about the preventive care we offer, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.


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