Pet Parasite Prevention for Creve Couer Pets

Staying on Top of Pet Parasite Prevention

Your pets are vulnerable to several hidden dangers, including parasites. Pet owners in Creve Coeur run into these problems often. Fortunately, our team at Heritage Veterinary Hospital has some easy and effective ways to approach pet parasite prevention.


The Dangers of Parasites for Pets

Some parasites present only minor dangers, such as itchiness and irritation. Many pets suffer from more unfortunate problems, though, particularly if they are very young, elderly, or have an underlying illness. Parasites can cause anemia, weight loss, and other health issues. They can also transmit serious illnesses, including Lyme disease. Heartworm is also a serious concern for pet owners. Many of these illnesses are transmitted by mosquitoes, which are difficult to guard against. You may not even notice your pet being bitten by a mosquito, but that small bite may cause a serious problem.

Diseases transmitted by parasites can be deadly. Heartworms are notoriously fatal, and animals that survive often require a lengthy rehabilitation period. Puppies and kittens can become seriously ill from parasites that may be mild in adults.

Parasite Prevention is the Best Cure

The best way to keep your pet safe from these health issues is to use preventative treatments. Our Creve Coeur veterinarians will provide some recommendations for pest prevention based on your pet’s breed and any underlying medical conditions. Many parasite prevention plans include long-acting preventatives that only need to be given once per month. There are both topical and oral medications available. The oral medications are generally flavored and infused into a tasty treat for easy administration.

Risks and Rewards

Pet parasite preventative medications are generally safe, but some pets may be allergic to certain ingredients or otherwise have an adverse reaction. There are many alternatives on the market, however, so you can always consult with our veterinarians to discuss other ways to manage parasite control.

For some parasites, such as heartworms, it is very important to keep up with preventatives and screening. Some parasites can do a lot of internal damage before they cause visible symptoms. Pet parasite prevention and early detection are essential to minimizing the long-term effects and ensuring your pet stays happy and healthy.

Parasite Prevention for Pets in Creve Coeur, MO

Parasite prevention works best but we can treat an existing parasite problem as well. If you are looking for pet parasite prevention in Creve Coeur, call our team at Heritage Veterinary Hospital today at (314) 878-8454 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


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