Pet Digital Radiology

What Is Digital Radiology?

As a leading veterinarian in Creve Coeur, Missouri, we offer digital radiology for pets. At Heritage Veterinary Hospital, when a pet's health concerns require more than an exam to accurately diagnose, we utilize digital radiology. Digital ultrasound gives our veterinarian the opportunity to safely look inside your pet's body for anything that may be causing them trouble. If necessary, these images can be transmitted to a specialist in record time.


What Exactly Is Pet Radiology?

Pet radiology provides a way of taking a look inside your pet's body without the need for invasive procedures. Radiology can look at everything from bones and soft tissues to the stomach, heart, digestive and reproductive organs, urinary tract, liver, and lungs. A lot of health conditions may have clearly identifiable symptoms and our veterinarian will be able to tell you exactly what your pet is going through with a traditional exam alone, but in instances where symptoms are not so definitive, we can't exactly ask your dog or cat where it hurts. That is why radiology is a critical tool for assessing veterinary problems.

Specific Uses of Digital Radiology

There are cases where digital radiology is the best diagnostic system a pet owner could ask for. In cases where internal organs, the reproductive system, cardiopulmonary issues, gastrointestinal issues, or urinary system problems are suspected, digital radiology can give a veterinarian much needed information. Digital radiology can also be used to diagnose a pet's dental or vision troubles.  

Where Should You Begin?

Elsewhere on this website, there is a section called "New Patient Center."  It is helpful to look through that section.  There are various forms to fill out prior to visiting.  Completing them ahead of time will lessen your wait time to see the doctor.  If you live in or near Creve Coeur, MO, feel free to check out our facility prior to when you need us.  We will happily answer any questions and ensure you and your pet receive excellent service.  When you feel comfortable, your pet will too.  Stop by soon.



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