Avid Microchip Implantation

Looking for a veterinarian to provide avid microchip implantation in Creve Coeur? Come to Heritage Veterinary Hospital today. If your pet gets lost, avid microchip implantation ensures you will be reunited.

Benefits of Avid Microchip Implantation

  • Effective. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA), 74% of dogs and 63.5% of cats were reunited with their owners because of their microchip. If your pet gets an avid microchip implanted, then there is a much higher chance of reunification if your pet gets lost.
  • Easy. The avid microchip implantation process is quick and easy. The implantation procedure can be performed at several points, including during admission, during a wellness exam, when you bring your pet in for vaccinations, or before disposition.
  • Painless. The best part of the avid microchip implantation procedure is that it does not cause pain for your pet. The procedure does not even require an anesthetic.
  • Proof of ownership. If your pet gets lost and is found by another family, the avid microchip can be used as proof of ownership. It is close to impossible to remove or alter the avid microchip, so you can be secure in proving ownership.

Finding a Pet with an Avid Microchip

Avid microchips do not work like GPS, so you cannot just use an app to track where your pet might be. Instead, you will need to follow these steps to find your pet with an avid microchip:

  1. Contact local animal shelters and agencies. File a lost pet report with every animal shelter within a 60-mile radius of your home. If your pet has had avid microchip implantation and is brought in to an animal shelter or agency, then the animal shelter or agency will be able to check if the pet is microchipped and will reach out to you.
  2. Search your neighborhood. Either alone or with family and friends, be sure to search your neighborhood. You can do this on foot or by car.
  3. Advertise around your neighborhood and online. Maybe someone has seen or found your pet and will recognize them by the advertisements you have posted around your neighborhood and online.
  4. Never give up. There are always stories about pets being reunited with their owner after several months or even several years. That could be your story. You are more likely to be reunited with your pet if it is microchipped and has a collar with up-to-date contact information.

Avid Microchip Implantation in Creve Coeur

Our veterinarian, Dr. Kimberly Sanford, along with our dedicated team of skilled medical professionals, are here to keep your pet safe and healthy. Make an appointment today to get avid microchip implantation for your pet. You can call us at (314) 878-8454 or request an appointment via our online pet portal.


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