Avid Microchip Implantation

We know how important your pet is as a member of your family, and that’s why Heritage Veterinary Hospital offers the Avid microchip, to help keep your family whole! If your pet gets out of your yard or becomes separated from you, the Avid microchip will always contain your contact information, enabling rescue groups to reunite you with your pet! While there are a variety of products out there on the market, including tracking devices for pets, many of these have not been optimized to work with the accuracy and precision of the Avid microchip.

The Avid Microchip is Universal

One of the many benefits of the Avid Microchip is that it’s universal, making it an excellent choice for pet-owners who travel or move overseas. Avid has an international standard, and can be scanned and read from many different countries. In the United States alone, more than 100,000 shelters have scanners that can read Avid microchips. We encourage you to visit the Avid Microchip website for more information about the product.

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The team at Heritage Veterinary Hospital recommends that all pets be implanted with an Avid microchip, to ensure that any separation does not become a tragedy. If you have questions about the benefits and uses of microchips, or would like to schedule your pet to be microchipped, please contact us today.


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